Furnace Rental Service Tilbury

January 9, 2020

Postma Heating & Cooling are the premium provider of quality Furnace Rental services for home and business owners in Tilbury who do not want to purchase a Furnace outright.

Our furnace rental service enables you to enjoy the immediate benefits of a brand new, energy-efficient furnace while avoiding spending thousands of dollars on a brand new furnace. We want to ensure your rented furnace always runs optimally, which is why we cover breakdowns and perform general maintenance.

Furnace Rental Services Simplified

Choosing the rental of a furnace through Postma Heating & Cooling gives Tilbury homeowners a hassle-free option that never requires any upfront payment, expensive and unexpected service calls, or replacement.

Whether your existing rented furnace needs routine maintenance or you desire the rental of a brand new unit, our furnace rental specialists are ready to work with you, providing a number of eco-friendly furnace options that fit your needs and budget.

Ready For Installation in Tilbury Today

Highly skilled and fully trained, our furnace rental & installation team are on hand to provide professional installations. From the beginning, our furnace rental staff will provide nothing but superior customer service when attending your Tilbury location.

Contact Our Furnace Rental Team

If you are seeking a furnace rental solution for your home or business in Tilbury, give Postma Heating & Cooling Inc. a try.

Phone (519) 354-9491 and let us assist you with your furnace rental needs today.

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