Furnace Service Blenheim

October 3, 2019

Postma Heating & Cooling Inc. has provided advanced furnace service to the Blenheim area for more than 30 years, assisting both homeowners and business proprietors. Our professional furnace service technicians want to keep you comfortable.

Our reputation is clear, whether your home or business in Blenheim requires a brand new furnace or you require servicing to your existing heating system, as we can assist you with repairs to your equipment, or provide you with an eco-friendly furnace available with $0 down financing.

Experienced Furnace Services

With years of experience, our fully trained furnace service & installation team strive to ensure you receive premium customer service from the moment one of our furnace specialists arrive at your Blenheim location.

Approved By Readers Choice

We are known for providing thorough and professional service, with Reader’s Choice having named us the top heating and cooling company in Blenheim for the past five years!

Postma Heating & Cooling are known for providing:

  • Professional 24-hour emergency repairs
  • Helpful customer service and no in your face sales-tactics
  • Reliable furnace service, installation, and replacement parts
  • Available Blenheim same-day furnace service
  • Discounts on regular furnace service and maintenance contracts
  • Flexible and convenient service schedules

All furnaces require servicing to ensure they are running as efficiently as possible and we recommend that your furnace, no matter the age of your equipment, be serviced at least twice a year. Regular service calls help keep your furnace running well to help lower your monthly bills and avoid future downtime at your Blenheim location.

Our Furnace Service Technicians Are Ready Today

If you are in need of furnace service in Blenheim or need support when purchasing a brand new furnace, give Postma Heating & Cooling Inc. a call today.

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