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November 11, 2019

Postma Heating & Cooling Inc. provides premium plumbing services in the Tilbury area. Our fully licensed Tilbury plumbers have the skills required to assist both homeowners and business proprietors, ensuring they receive same day, and often immediate service to keep your plumbing issues at bay.

Advanced Plumbing Services for Tilbury

Since 1989 we have been the leading provider of professional plumbing services in Tilbury, providing highly skilled plumbers able to take on your plumbing issues both large and small. Trying to handle your plumbing issue by yourself is not recommended, as it can damage your property and create an unnecessary mess. Our Tilbury plumbers are highly skilled, able to complete the job whether they are installing a new appliance or repairing a leaky pipe.

As a locally owned and operated company, we proudly provide on-call plumbers that are highly skilled and knowledgeable to assist you in Tilbury today.

Our Plumbers Are Trained In Taking Care Of:

  • Immediate plumbing emergencies in Tilbury
  • Water heater installation and ongoing maintenance and repair
  • Available underground locates and water backups
  • Unclogging water lines and drains
  • The installation and maintenance of sump pumps and backup pumps
  • Boiler installations and expert repair
  • Efficient pipe and tub replacements
  • Maintenance for toilets, faucets, and showers
  • Professional plumbing inspections (along with cameras)

Your Easy Water Heater Service & Installation

Postma Heating & Cooling Inc. is on hand to help you understand your water heater or boiler. We also offer scheduled maintenance options that are able to ensure small plumbing issues are taken care of before they are able to grow out of control. Our expert plumbers are also able to assist in installing a brand new ENERGY STAR-rated gas boiler at your Tilbury location.

Hot Water Services Offered in Tilbury

  • Water heater maintenance, replacements, and inspections
  • Boiler inspections, replacements, and repairs

Experiencing Blocked or Slow Running Drains?

Our highly skilled plumbers are able to perform a drain line clearing at your location. We can diagnose the plumbing issue at hand, and clear your blockages for exceptional water flow. We can also help you avoid unforeseen water-related emergencies with our sump pump inspections and service.

Our Tilbury Plumbers Are Ready To Assist Today

We want to be your plumbing company of choice in Tilbury. Our plumbers work hard to build lasting relationships with our Tilbury customers and are always looking forward to assisting you with your plumbing needs.

Call (519) 354-9491 to schedule your appointment today.

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