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When you are covered by our Postma Energy Savings Agreement Plan, we will provide the following:

  • A comprehensive precision tune-up
  • 90 day diagnostic warranty
  • 15% discount on all repairs
  • Priority service
  • Two year warranty on all repairs
  • Lifetime warranty on workmanship
  • No overtime charges
  • One standard 1″ filter per season

Save money when your system is working to its optimum efficiency!

No Overtime Charges with Postma

Our Focus on Service

Your time is valuable and Postma Heating and Cooling responds as quickly as possible to your service call. Our expert technicians arrive with a well stocked service vehicle ensuring most repairs can be made immediately. We maintain a comprehensive history on all installations and service calls.

Our onsite maintenance plan protects both heating and air conditioning systems, and includes two tune-ups per year. Your expert precision tune-up will be performed during normal business hours, and will be scheduled at a time that is mutually beneficial.

Krista the Service Coordinator with Postma

Top four benefits of HVAC preventive maintenance:

  • Save energy. A lot can happen to your heating and cooling units over time that prevents them from performing efficiently. When a technician inspects your units, he or she will ensure that they are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, which will cut down on the amount of energy they use.
  • Avoid unnecessary emergency repairs. When you have HVAC preventive maintenance twice a year, you can stop problems to your units before they start. This will minimize the amount of times you have to call a contractor to come to your home and make repairs.
  • Keep your home safe. If you have a gas furnace like many homeowners in the Chatham-Kent area, there is a chance that carbon monoxide can leak into your air. When performing preventive maintenance, a technician can identify safety risks such as a cracked heat exchanger and repair any problems before they pose a threat to your family.
  • Extend the life of your units. One of the best benefits of HVAC preventive maintenance is that it will extend the life of your heating and cooling systems. Just like oil changes and tune-ups keep your car in good shape, preventive maintenance will keep your heating and cooling units healthy for years to come.
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