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When a drain is clogged, it can make it difficult or impossible to take a shower, cook food, or use the bathroom. Therefore, it is important to be on the lookout for signs that your drains need to be cleaned before you experience an emergency situation.
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The Drain Is Running Slowly

One of the more obvious signs that a drain should be cleaned is that water is draining slower than usual. When it is draining properly, water will simply flow from the faucet to the drain and down the pipe in a matter of seconds. If your drain is slow, then the folks at [company_name] in Chatham-Kent can remedy the situation. We offer professional plumbing services that include drain cleaning and other work involving your home’s pipes.

You’re Seeing an Influx of Insects

Fruit flies and other insects may be attracted to food or other waste that has accumulated in your home’s pipes. The waste could be both the source of the insects as well as the reason why the pipe is draining slowly. If you have ruled out other possible causes of a pest infestation, then it may be time to have your drain inspected to see if it is the root cause.

There Is a Foul Smell Coming From Your Pipes

If you smell gas or other foul odors emanating from a pipe, it could be because there is sewage or other waste inside of it. The smell is usually caused by the fact that the waste is literally decomposing in your home. It could also be caused by insects or rodents that were attracted to the waste and got stuck in or near the pipes themselves.

Slow or clogged drain pipes can cause significant damage and are an inconvenience to yourself and your family. If you need help resolving a plumbing issue, then call [company_name] today. We can also help with your heating, cooling, or water heating needs in Chatham-Kent.