Tankless Water HeatersTankless Water Heater

The main difference between tankless water heaters and hot water tanks is that tankless models only use energy when you are using hot water. You’re not paying to store a tank of hot water that isnt being used. Tankless water heaters do cost more than conventional water tanks to install, but there are many advantages to go tankless.

  • Much lower energy cost:
      Because your only heating the water when you are actually using it your energy cost will be much lower than a standard hot water tank. – Depending on your habits, you could see anywhere from 30-70% savings.
  • You have an endless supply of hot water
      This is great for large family’s or people who have quests stay often. No more cold showers!
  • Smaller Footprint
      Most tankless hot water heaters mount right onto the wall, this will save you valuable space in your basement or utility room
  • A working lifespan that’s twice as long
      Tankless water heaters will last 20 years are more, with the right maintenance plan. Postma Heating & Cooling Inc can help you with choosing a maintenance plan that is right for you
  • Monthly Financing is available on these units for as low as $45 per month
      We can provide you with a fixed monthly payment as low as $45 per month Get Approved Now