Water HeatersWater Heater

Tank water heaters are relatively easy to install, and installation typically only takes a couple hours. As most homes are already set up for a standard water heater. there will be no need to alter plumbing, gas lines, venting, which is frequently already in place, and can be re-purposed for use with a new water heater. This type of water heater normally holds between 20 and 80 gallons of hot water, and keeps this water around 120 degrees in a storage tank.

  • Advantages:
      Budget friendly
      Easy to install, can be installed same day!
      Less demanding in the terms of maintenance
      Many models now are much more efficient that there were back in the day
  • A water tank is probably better for you if:
      You are generally home during the day, and will be using water as it’s heated
      There is only a few people that are living in the home
      You have lots of spare space in your basement or utility room
  • Monthly Financing is available on these units for as low as $17 per month
      We can provide you with a fixed monthly payment as low as $17 per month Get Approved Now