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Sump Pump | Postma Heating & CoolingSince they help to move water away from the home, sump pumps play an important part in avoiding water damage to your property. Almost anyone who has a basement or crawlspace will have at least one basic sump pump installed, but it can actually be quite helpful to also have a backup. These typically run on a separate power source and automatically start working when the drain water rises above a certain level. When you have a backup sump pump, you get the following great benefits.

Keep Your Home Safe During Power Outages

Most backup sump pumps run on a battery source. This makes them extremely important during natural disasters that may cause both flooding and power outages. It lets you ensure your house does not get immediately flooded just because you are out of power for a little while.

Be Prepared for Any Sump Pump Failures

Your backup sump pump ensures that your foundation or basement does not get soaked because you are unaware of a failure. Most backups have an alarm that tells you about your primary sump pump failure. Then, while Chatham residents are getting sump pump repairs or maintenance from [company_name], their backup sump pump can continue to reliably move water away from their property.

Deal With Disastrous Floods

Backup sump pumps do not have to wait until the main one fails before they start running. They can begin working once the water input is too high for your primary pump to deal with. This means that you can run both your main and backup sump pumps at the same time if you have a sudden disastrous flood. This comes in handy when you have other problems, such as a broken pipe, too.

If you want the peace of mind that comes from having a backup sump pump, [company_name] in Chatham can help. We install a variety of sump pump types, along with providing other helpful heating, cooling, drain cleaning, and plumbing services. Find out how we can help you by getting in touch with us today.